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I am not on the hunt to capture the perfect photo, I am looking to capture moments and save memories for a lifetime. It is said that when you look at what you photograph most, you will find your true love in life. My photos most often capture two things my husband Adam, and our travels. This is the cornerstone to my photography, the feeling when you look back on an image and remember the moment, the feeling, and emotions. 

I have worked to bring this same meaning to my second love Design, with an extensive background in Branding I see beauty in the businesses people have built and want to capture that to share with the world. If I am not helping to build a brand I am photographing it. 

Graphic Designer turned Photographer. I started my creative career in high school committing to graphic design in my Junior year. There was always a lingering passion for photography and capturing moments. A self proclaimed light chaser I have spent much of the last two years hunting down some of the most beautiful sights in the United States. 

In the late summer of 2016 Adam and I were finally married after almost 10 years of dating. We took off on our biggest adventure yet, a 10 month trip across the US in a 21 foot, 1998 StarCraft camper that we had repaired and remolded into our first home. Our mission was to find a place to call home, we had been to a few cities but never took the time to really see and enjoy the people and culture. Taking the slow route meant we could spend all the time we wanted wherever we wanted. 


After 10 months, 22 States and 12 national parks we landed in Denver Colorado. We new we loved Denver and if nothing else could compare that is where our trip would come to an end.  Its been nearly a year since we landed in Denver and continue to love every single day here!